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Friday, October 22, 2010


oh my, you will not believe the sex i have been having lately! while hubby is on the road, of course being the horny housewife that i am, i have had my lovers already mentioned along with cute little jason. like a good cougar, i just love the young boys! but i love the big black cock even more! hubby let me go on the road with him for like the first time ever...we stopped in a few towns...had some fun together, etc...but the main thing that happened was some of the freakiest sex i ever had with hubby present. i was doing my phonesex job like a good little slut wife, hubby just loves to listen now...and we had pulled into a truck stop.

well...hubby let me get out and prowl amongst the other truckers till i found a really muscled up black guy...i explained the situation and although hesitant at first, the guy came back to mine and hubbys truck and we got in the back of the cab on the mattress...i sucked that bbc right in front of hubby while he called me slut, whore, cheating bitch, dirty white trash, etc etc just NASTY names then had the dude fuck me from behind with his bbc, while hubby fucked my dirty little mouth. oh wow, what an experience. we have been getting along so well..who knew hubby had the wild kinky streak in him? call me for some hot phonesex NOW he is here and wants to listen or you can listen to him do me....love lou xoxoxox 888-SEX-2060 CALL NOW!

Friday, October 8, 2010


OMG ya'll just wouldnt believe the sex and phonesex i have been having lately. sure enough, hubby was having me watched. the p.i. was not that crafty, i marched my cute cougar ass right out to his van and offered coffee...lol! charley and i DID go to a motel and left the curtains open, and one memorable day this week i played with charley AND his friend sam. ooh wee do they have big black cock! im sure ole leland, the p.i., was having himself a time watching this horny housewife ride one bbc while giving the other a nice sloppy blowjob. Jason has been a little too busy with school, but i did squeeze in about 30 minutes the other day with him...he calls me his sexy milf even though i have no kids lol...i told him i was a cougar instead! :)~

hubby came home unexpectedly again and caught me right in the middle of a phonesex call...i was really fucking myself with a big rubber dildo...SO now hubby knows about my job...he listened to the call and ripped off my clothes...fucked his lil horny housewife until i screamed so loud im sure the whole neighborhood heard...i like the thought of that tho...im SUCH an exhibitionist! needless to say...hubby still acts all pissed and hurt at times but secretly i think he loves the thought of me fucking bbc and also doing my phonesex job! ive been such a busy cougar on the prowl that my pussy stays sore..but i LOVE it...call me NOW for some hot horny housewife cougar phonesex, as my hubby calls it ...this has done wonders for our sex life..call now 888-SEX-2060 love, lou xoxoxoxo

Thursday, September 30, 2010


well i havent been blogging like usual....in the last two weeks i got sooo wrapped up with charley and his bbc that i wasnt as careful as usual and hubby came home unexpectedly one day when i thought he was on the road...well...he caught me with my beautiful black male nurse...i was riding him right there in hubbys bed...needless to say there was a scene. charley left...hubby raised hell...took all my credit cards, my car keys, AND my laptop...then he stayed at a motel until 3 days ago when he came home, returned all my stuff and fucked me over and over and over...i am so sore but it was SO GOOD...my mild mannered hubby calling me "dirty bitch" and "cock loving whore" while he "grudge-fucked" me was the most exciting sex we ever had!!! i promised him it wouldnt happen again, that i just got lonely etcetc but i think deep down it turns him on to the point where he cant get enough of me...i LOVE it...him catching me was the best thing that ever happened to our sex life...whoo hoo!

now hes on the road again until one day next week, he wont tell me which day...i think he is going to have me watched...i think he may have hired someone to take pictures...i saw a van parked across the street near jason's the same one two days in a row...so im thinking hubby has hired a private eye! today after school i gave jason the sucking of his young life....he dropped to HIS knees afterward lol, hugged my legs and declared his undying love once again...such a sweet boy..so i hope hubby gets good shots of that. tomorrow i have a hot date with charley, he was freaked out when we got caught and i havent seen him since but convinced him to try it again...he wont came back to my house so i figure we will go to a motel and ill leave the curtains open...im so naughty and boy is my lil pussy sore...who knew my hubby could get so passionate lol...call me and lets get nasty baby...love lou xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, September 13, 2010


OH WOW guess what guess what? yes you guessed it! i DID get in contact with the male nurse....his name is charley and he is one HOT black man! i have seen him three times since my last post and every time was soooooooooo good! the first time we went to a neighboring town for coffee and pie...then around back of the restaurant for a little dessert...i sucked his big black cock off right there in the parking lot and he LOVED how wild i can get...the 2nd time we went to a motel with a couple bottles of wine and some excellent smoke he had..he is also a part-time musician..plays the bass and sings in a band. we spent the whole night and that man can fuck fuck and fuck some more...omigod i think im in love. the 3rd time i snuck him over to my house around 2am when he got off work at the nightclub he plays at occasionally...and that was the best! i fucked him so hard, right in my hubbys king sized bed and i loved every minute! i thought i heard something at the window as i was screaming out my orgasm while bouncing up and down on that bbc, and sure enough, it was jason....being a peeping tom...but it was ok...i rode charley even harder as jason watched..ill gave him a consolation blowjob after school today. im having so much fun this fall...and im in NO HURRY for the hubs to get home...i have another date with charley tomorrow for a romantic dinner and more of that thick cock...call me and lets get nasty love lou xoxoxoxoxo 888-SEX-2060

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i had a really good week last week with jason...hmmm..cant get enough of that boy...then hubby and i had a lovely labor day weekend...went to a really nice hotel in the mountains with a huge jacuzzi and had some really good (although a bit on the safe side)..sex. he bought me several new outfits and a beautiful emerald necklace and a new pair of high heels, these are denim like retro seventies. so i am happy with that....

however, today i am bored and at loose ends! jason is away at a field trip today and wont be home till supper time, which is way too late for us to play. i just found in my purse the male nurse's number from the e.r. visit i had that time. i lost touch with the orderly but i think i will give this number a try and see what i can get my hot little pussy into today...call me and help me plan my tryst...love louxoxoxoxo 888-sex-2060

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


oh yes the fun has been continuing over the past week...seems every day jason decides to come over and we have been having sex marathons...that boy can go and go but he cant wear me out...as he has found out..but he is starting to look at me a little lovestruck so i had to cool it off a little for this week so he will get his mind back on school and girls his age...he has to understand this strictly sex..and god how i do love fucking that boy...he is so energetic and what a nice cock..hmm...hot just thinking of it!
meanwhile...as hubby will be home for the long labor day weekend and jason has to be put in "time-out" for a bit, so to speak, i am at loose ends again...and guess what i got at my secret p.o. box? a postcard form Esteban ooh la la i miss my latin lover...and he MAY be coming back this way for a visit soon...oh wow that is something to look forward to...so call me and lets get freaky baby...im hot as a firecracker today...just like the weather..love lou xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, August 23, 2010


hubby is on the road, summer is drawing to a close, and school has started back which means fun fun fun for me! tommy from across the street is away at college this year but jason, my little pocketful of sunshine, is in his senior year and that means he gets out at 1pm and nobody is home at his house till 6pm. of course, i have a little "after school snack" waiting for him the last two afternoons. the first day was friday and it was pizza followed by a nice long sloppy blowjob for dessert...then today...oooh it was my turn.

i answered the door wearing black fishnet stockings, red high heels, red thong and a black lacy camisole....with whore red lipstick of course and my long blonde hair down loose...you should have seen jason's face....his hands were all over me and his sandwich lay forgotten on the table. in fact, it got knocked off the table until his long thick cock was inside me and he was fucking me so hard.......want more details? call me baby...its back to school daze with lou xoxoxox 888-sex-2060